Past Life Regression

Many people now accept the idea of reincarnation. All life is eternal as at it’s core is energy and energy cannot be destroyed, it just changes form.  When we die, regardless of what happens to our bodies, I and many others believe that the life force continues and as all thoughts and memories are; at their most basic level a form of energy. When you have a thought that results in the synapses in your brain firing, creating a tiny electrical charge, that thought then becomes part of the greater energy collective (whatever your name for it might be) Indeed the word Universe actually means ‘the whole of space, the stars and planets and all other forms of matter and energy in it’.

So what is Past Life Regression?   If you think of your current life as an autobiography which contains many paragraphs that in turn become chapters,  now expand on this so that your autobiography is many lives with each life being a chapter or paragraph.

Past Life Regression is a  safe and simple way of having a browse through the book to check out some of the previous chapters.  Maybe you’d like to know if there is a lesson to learn in retrospect, or to see if there is some form of pattern forming,  or maybe just out of curiosity.

At a deeper level Past Life Regression can be used to help to understand fears, anxieties or relationship issues in this current chapter. In can possibly release traumas or blocks from the past still affecting the present.

One question I am asked often is ‘could I have been someone famous?’.  The answer is yes of course you could, but I honestly think you have much more chance of winning the lottery.  In the 10 years I have been doing this I have had many clients who have discovered past lives that were checkable or verifiable in some way,  but I have yet to have a member of royalty, a dictator or a former rock star emerge during a session.

At present sessions are conducted in my home in Morecambe as booking a ‘room’ can be expensive and I would have to pass the cost on to my clients.

Please note I have a cat, so anyone with a serious allergy should let me know and I will try to arrange another venue.