How to phrase questions for the best outcomes with Tarot



  • What do I need to know about…..
  • What are the obstacles in my path and how can I overcome them?
  • What/How do I need to change in order too…
  • What is the potential for?
  • What is the likely outcome of…


  • Will my lover leave their current partner? Or ANY other question about another persons private life.  This is an issue of privacy, morality and ethics and no reader worth their salt will go there.
  • Does he/she hate me?  Again this is someone else’s issue not your’s,  but what if the answer was yes!  Then what?  It is disempowering and negative.
  • When will I die? This is an inappropriate question for Tarot as it is intended as a guide not fortune telling and there is no guiding here.
  • Who is my soul mate? This is not even really a question.  Which soul mate?  We have many people who are special in one way or another thought-out our lives so why just focus on ‘the one’?  Also different people have different interpretations of what is meant by the term ‘soul mate’.
  • Am I pregnant? Don’t know,  do a pregnancy test.  Or with any other health related question, if you are concerned about your health then see the relevant professional, as stated earlier,  tarot is for guidance, it is not a proxy doctor.
  • Should I…… You need to take responsibility  and be accountable for you own life.  As stated above in the best way to phrase a question, it would be better to ask what could the impact or result be if I do/don’t do this.  You’ll get a more useful answer too.