Email Readings

It is my belief  and that of many other people that email readings are superior even to face to face reading, this is because the reader cannot ‘cold read’ the client whether deliberately or unconsciously. They therefore tend to be more accurate, or at the very least more honest.  Also; as within the time scale offered on the website, the reader can chose when to do the reading, so they are much more likely to be in the right frame of mind.  In a face to face reading, you may have booked a client for 10am on Tuesday morning,  but Monday night the washing machine floods the kitchen, or the car is hit by a drunk driver while parked outside your house, or any of the other thousands of possibilities that mean with the best intentions in the world you are not 100% focused on the reading.  Or for those readers who do one after the other in a booth or shop, they must become tired and unable to focus completely on the person before them. Whereas with email reading, the reader is in control of the timing and is therefore much more able to focus.

When you book a reading from me, you get all my attention, also as I only have your first name and any questions you may choose to ask, I cannot make any of those instant judgements we all make the second we see someone (yes you do it too)  and I cannot read your reactions or you body language to anything I say, giving me the chance to ‘cold read’ you.  A perfect example of this is where the reader says that you are single, – you’re not,  so what they meant to say was that you are a strong independent woman!  We’ve all been there.

Emails vary in length and complexity, depending on what you need and what you ask for.  A 3 card Past, Present and Future will be 3 usually quite short paragraphs, depending of course on the information I am given to impart. A concise reading is in the region of 500 words in length,  a full reading is around a 1000 words.  For the 12 month reading, there is a paragraph for each month,  I will try to keep it as concise as possible while at the same time giving you all the information I receive,  after all you are requesting a reading not a novel.