Incorporating Spirit of the Unicorn & Rose Tarot

As previous clients will know, I am an author and  former journalist who has always read cards and had an abiding interest in the esoteric or spiritual side of life.  Through Spirit of the Unicorn I offered various therapies, be it smoking cessation or help ridding clients of fears and phobias using hypnotherapy.  Using N.L.P.  to help in other areas of life such as lack of confidence in it’s many forms and for it’s many underlying  reasons. Tapping therapies for emotional problems, Reiki etc., and last but by no means least Past Life Regression. 

Alongside this I also had Rose Tarot offering email tarot readings.  What I have now decided to do is to combine; what to me are  the very best of these two areas. Offering email readings using Tarot, Lenormand or Runes. This I can do for you no matter where you live. 

 I also offer Past Life Regression (in person) to those who may be interested in finding out who they were, or if some issue or other in this life may have been affected by a previous existence. 

I am trained in several different areas, I am a Master Hypnotherapist, NLP Master, Grief therapist, I am also trained to an advanced level in PTSD and to an advanced level in Past Life Regression. 

My goal in offering these email tarot readings, is to give the client as empathetic and honest reading as possible, in order to help guide them in making the best and hopefully the most empowering  decisions for them at this time.

The client can also me assured that all my readings are totally non-judgemental.

For legal reasons I also have to say that all reading are for entertainments purposes only.